Virtual Currency Girls Unable To Get Paid Following Major Cryptocurrency Theft

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Virtual Currency Girls Unable To Get Paid Following Major Cryptocurrency Theft

Virtual Currency Girls held a press conference on January 27 to discuss the theft of 58 billion Yen (500 million USD) from the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck.

Earlier this week, Coincheck halted most trading on its exchanges, and withdraws in both cryptocurrency and Yen had been suspended completely. This came as a result of the cryptocurrency theft.

The group, which is paid in cryptocurrency, uses Coincheck to for its activities. Its members were supposed to be paid 2 million Yen (18,400 USD), but was unable to get receive their salary due to the cryptocurrency theft.

The group's agency offered to pay its members in Yen while Coincheck suspended its activities. The members decided against being paid in Yen, stating that it had pride in its position on cryptocurrency, and would only accept cryptocurrency as originally intended.

Despite the theft and the service's disruption, Virtual Currency Girls continues to express excitement over the future of cryptocurrency. It also advocated for the continued use of cryptocurrencies, included the coins that had been stolen this past week.

Coincheck's suspension of services will not stop Virtual Currency Girls' activities, despite being unable to receive payments from fans. The group announced that it will hold a free live in Tokyo on February 16 for Coincheck users.

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    Huntress 6yr ago

    There's some minor grammatical errors in the article, but that aside this is the reason why people shouldn't put much faith into cryptocurrency or not all of their faith. With something like this being a hot commodity, with the rise of stuff like bitcoin and ethereum it's only a matter of time before caees like this become more and more frequent as I doubt any of this cryptocurrency exchange sites or virtual banks have precautions set up to prevent large hacks or thefts. I hope these poor girls get paid for their time and activities soon.

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    I really admire their enthusiasm for the real intent of this group and cryptocurrency. However, based on my limited knowledge on this subject, I do hear it's not stable and things like theft happen. Most banks don't even trust cryptocurrrency (I have several bankers in my family) and really highly suggest not to trust it as it's not tangible and you never know what happens with e-currency. I feel like cryptocurrency is just a trend and will die down soon. I do hope the girls get paid though.

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