ACME Announces New Single with Support Bassist

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ACME Announces New Single with Support Bassist

Visual Kei band ACME announced the release of a new single titled "ROTTEN ORANGE".

It has been a bit more than half a year that ex-DIV's vocalist Chisa and guitarist Shogo have formed their new band "ACME" together with RIKITO and HAL. On March 7th, 2018 their 2nd single titled "ROTTEN ORANGE" will drop in two different types. Type A costs 1000 Yen plus tax and features the lead track and its karaoke version. Type B for 1500 Yen plus tax features the lead track as well as the songs "Barguest" and "CALL MY NAME". The last track will be the theme song for the movie "namae no nai onnatachi usotsuki onna".

In the photoshoot you can see that there are only three people even though we just told you that four members have formed the band. The reason is bassist RIKITO's hiatus that started two months ago. While he's focussed on treatment a support bassist will perform together with ACME. And if you look closely you can spot UNiTE.'s bassist haku in the PV!

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