ZigZag Goes Back to Being a Duo

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ZigZag Goes Back to Being a Duo

Visual Kei band ZigZag loses a member and will go back to being a duo.

Just today ZigZag announced that guitarist Jin will depart from the band due to poor physical health. He states: "I know this is sad but I'm still really thankful that the other two members decided to continue band activities.

Indeed ZigZag won't stop activities at all - they will continue with the remaining two members, vocalist Mikoto and bassist Aoshi. Aoshi stated that they thought a lot about disbanding but in the end the thought of wanting to continue was stronger - also because it would have been only more painful for Jin if the band disbanded due to him.

Mikoto, Aoshi and Jin are making music together already since 2012 when they formed "Ray℃" and after its disbanding "otoiroha". Jin, back then known as Bitoya, left in March 2015 but still acted as constant support member - even when otoiroha disbanded after only half a year of band activity and ZigZag formed with Mikoto and Aoshi as official members.
It took a while but Jin officially joined the day ZigZag commenced formal activities in January 2016. Now, two years later, he will depart from the band and ZigZag will be a duo again.
On January 28th they will celebrate the band's 2nd anniversary with a oneman live in Osaka.

Shared by: Keia
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