MORRIGAN's PITTY Departed from the Band

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MORRIGAN's PITTY Departed from the Band

Yesterday evening MORRIGAN announced that PITTY wants to depart from the band. Therefore it has been decided that as of January 12th he is not part of MORRIGAN anymore.

It was already on January 3rd when problems started. PITTY told the other members he has to go to the hospital the get treatment for his tonsillitis but didn't answer to their messages anymore for quite a while after that. Some days later the members did come into contact with him but instead of good news PITTY told them he wants to depart from the band. Drummer SETSUNA explains: "We tried to convince him to stay but since he doesn't have any motivation anymore and we also couldn't meet him anymore, this is our painful decision." Moreover the members found out that he is in debt.

MORRIGAN will continue its band activities with the three remaining members and a support guitarist.

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