Cryptocurrency-Themed Idol Group "Virtual Currency Girls" Makes Debut In Tokyo

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Cryptocurrency-Themed Idol Group

Cryptocurrency is generating tons of buzz these days. Now its generating music too.

An 8-member girl group held its debut live event in Tokyo on January 12. The name of the group is "Kasotsuka Shojo", or "Virtual Currency Girls", and they are the world's first cryptocurrency-theme group.

For their debut, the members of Virtual Currency Girls wore maid outfits and masks donned with the logos of popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. Each member will represent a different cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin appears to the group's official currency. Its members are paid in Bitcoin, while merchandise and tickets to the group's events must be purchased with the cryptocurrency.

During the live event, Vitual Currency Girls performed 3 songs, including its debut single "The Moon, Cryptocurrencies and Me". The group's music covers a range of cryptocurrency topics, including the virtues of decentralized digital currencies, the dangers of trading across various markets, and even advocating for 2-step authentication.

Despite its cryptocurrency theme, Virtual Currency Girls says it is not trying to promote the buying and selling of digital currencies like stocks, but rather it wants to raise awareness and educate people about them in a fun and entertaining way.

Check out Virtual Currency Girls' debut single below:

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