NHK Issues Apology For Fake Namie Amuro "Kohaku Uta Gassen" Photos

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NHK Issues Apology For Fake Namie Amuro

NHK Chairman Ryoichi Ueda has issued an apology for the company's fake photos of Namie Amuro performing at "Kohaku Uta Gassen".

Ueda held a press conference on January 11. He addressed various issues and topics concerning NHK, including the fake Amuro photos.

"It was a very regrettable thing that happened. I want to be thorough and ensure that nothing like this ever happens again,"Ueda said.

New guidelines, which include communicating when and where photographs were taken, have been set in place. A subcommittee was called and taught the new guidelines.

Amuro is partnering with Hulu on a 12-part documentary series which gives a behind-the-scenes look into the singer's life. Ueda explained that partnership was the reason why Amuro had a special stage, and also why photography was not allowed during her actual performance.

NHK's public relations office sent out photos to the press of what appeared to be Amuro's performance for "Kohaku Uta Gassen". Data embedded in the photographs showed it was actually taken the day before. The company later admitted the photos were taken during rehearsals, and were not of the performance itself as initially presented.

Trust between NHK and other media outlets, as well as with the public in general, is important for the company to maintain. As a major news outlet, NHK cannot afford to appear to be presenting false information, especially during a time when "fake news" is a consistent problem online.

Takayuki Fujioka, the director of public relations at NHK, remains in his position with the company.

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