Mari Yaguchi Preparing To Get Remarried

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Mari Yaguchi Preparing To Get Remarried

Former Morning Musume member Mari Yaguchi captured the media's attention today when she suggested that a 2nd marriage was near.

On January 8, Yaguchi participated in an E-Sports event in Tokyo. She was a member of the Up-Front team alongside Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) members Manami Arai and Konatsu Furukawa, and Marin Miyazawa of LoVendoЯ.

During a press conference held before the event, reporters asked Yaguchi asked about her relationship. She explained that she "is preparing" to get remarried, but did not expand on the subject any further.

Last year, Yaguchi stated that 2018 would be a good year for her to get remarried. Her new talk of preparing to get remarried have brought her earlier comments back to the forefront.

Yaguchi is known to be dating a man, but his identity is not known. It is widely believed that she is a dating a male model, and may even be in a relationship with the model who she cheated with during her first marriage.

Aside from talking about her relationship, Yaguchi also shared that video games helped get her through difficult times. After the fallout from her affair in 2013, she spent many days escaping reality by immersing herself in games like Mario Kart.

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