Batsu Game will Disband after Releasing Last Single

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Batsu Game will Disband after Releasing Last Single

Visual Kei band batsu game announced the release of a new single - and its disbanding a few weeks later.

The single is titled "tsumibukai" (罪深い) and it will drop on January 31st for 1500 Yen. The songs being featured on the CD are "tsumibukai", "CHAOS BRAIN" and "Lost Again...". Unfortunately this will be the last CD fans of the band can look forward to. Two months later, on March 28th, Batsu Game will hold its last concert at Shinjuku RUIDO K4.

Drummer Kazuha explains that guitarist Haluto wanted to depart from the band. The remaining members discussed what to do from hereon and came to the decision to stop band activities as Batsu Game in general after being active for three years.

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