Kiryu's Side Project My Dragon will Disband

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Kiryu's Side Project My Dragon will Disband

Visual Kei band My Dragon announced to disband.

The band started being active back in 2011 and made many Visual Kei fans laugh with their concept and way of performing. For the last time this will happen on April 1st, 2018 at MyNavi Akasaka BLITZ. 

My Dragon is the Alter-Ego band of Visual Kei band Kiryu and is like a counterpart for Kiryu, a band with a rather serious, traditional Japanese concept. My Dragon on the other hand is a fun project where the members don't neccessarily play their instruments on stage but sing and dance all together instead. 

My Dragon performes only very few concerts each year. Mainly they are holding their anniversary concerts every year on April 1st where also their label-mates Royz and Codomo Dragon are performing. Even Kiryu is part of these annual concerts as opening act.
The label donates all gains of these anniversary concerts that aren't needed to pay for electronics, hall rent, merchandise production and so on to people in need. Usually the sum of these donations is between 2.000.000 and 2.500.000 Yen (around 15.000 to 19.000 Euro / 17.500 to 22.000 US-Dollar) each year. In 2017 the most was donated to the victims and survivers of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami that happened in 2011 and those of the Kumamoto Earthquake in 2016. They also donated to study foundations and other nonprofit organisations in the past.

Since My Dragon isn't the main band of the members they didn't release many CDs. Until now there are three singles: "Nijigen Complex" released in February 2011, "IDOL Sengen!?" released in July 2014 and "Stardust Dream" released in March 2016.

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