Plastic Tree to Release "doorAdore"

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Plastic Tree to Release

Japanese band Plastic Tree will release a new full album in March.

The title of this new album is "doorAdore" and fans will be able to buy it in stores as of March 7th, 2017. The band's latest album "Hakusei" has been released in December 2015.

The track list isn't out yet but we can indeed give you a few details on the three different types. The Regular Edition costs 3000 Yen plus tax and features 12 different songs.
Limited Edition Type A features the same 12 songs as well as a DVD and a photobook. The price for that version is 9800 Yen plus tax and the following songs are featured on the DVD. The content is from the band's celebration for the 20th anniversary since their major debut that has been held in July 2017.
01. Intro
02. MayDay
03. Reset (リセット)
04. Zetsubou no Oka (絶望の丘)
05. Gentou Kikai (幻燈機械)
06. Nukegara (「ぬけがら」)
07. Hontou no Uso (本当の嘘)
08. monophobia
09. Cream (クリーム)
10. Sangatsu itsuka. (3月5日。)
11. Circus (サーカス)
12. Rikashitsu (理科室)
13. Glider (グライダー)
14. Gerbera (ガーベラ)
15. Chiriyuku Bokura (散リユク僕ラ)
16. Aoi Tori (蒼い鳥)

The Limited Type B with 12 songs comes with a photobook, too, and a DVD featuring the following content:
01. Nemureru Mori (眠れる森)
02. Fujunbutsu (不純物)
03. Elegy (エレジー)
04. Spica (スピカ)
05. Zazafuri, Zazanari. (ザザ降り、ザザ鳴り。)
06. Mujin Eki (無人駅)
07. Orange (オレンジ)
08. Sabbath
09. egg
10. Ruisen Kairo (涙腺回路)
11. Kuroi Kasa (黒い傘)
12. Andro Metamorphose (アンドロメタモルフォーゼ)
13. Utsusemi (うつせみ)
14. Melt (メルト)
15. Makka na ito (真っ赤な糸)
16. Replay (リプレイ)
17. Kioku yuki (記憶行き)

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