Sexy Zone Announces New Album "XYZ=repainting"

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Sexy Zone Announces New Album

Sexy Zone will be releasing its 5th stdio album "XYZ=repainting" on February 14.

The album's title represents the group painting a new image of who they are. The album's theme will be a "new start" and a "new challenge".

3 versions of the album will be available upon release: a Regular Edition CD-Only version, and 2 different Limited Edition CD DVD versions.

Limited Edition A's DVD will contain the music video for a new song titled "Wasurerarenai Hana", as well as a making-of documentary for the album. A 40-page photo book and a promotional card will also be included.

Limited Edition B's DVD will contain over 1 1/2 hours of concert footage from the group's latest tour. The music video for "Wasurerarenai Hana" will also be included, as well as 5 different versions of the video featuring one of the members.

The Regular Edition of the album will come with a bonus CD. 5 new songs will be on the CD, including 2 unit songs.

Check out the over art and track list for the album below:

Limited Edition A

Limited Edition B

Regular Edition

CD 1

1. XYZ (Introduction)
2. Wasurerarenai Hana
3. PEACH !
5. Birthday for you
6. Gyutto
7. Punpupunpun
8. Fantasy ~1byo no Kiseki~
9. Mei wakiyaku
10. Yobisute
11. Unreality
12. Pheromone
13. Rabumaji
14. Ignition Countdown
15. Firutaagoshi ni Mita Sora no Ao
16. Saigo no Egao

CD 2

1. Aitai yo
2. Luv Manifesto (Kento Nakajima, Marius Yo & Sou Matsushima unit song)
3. Kiss You Good-Bye (Shori Sato solo song)
4. Sing along song (Shori Sato & Fuma Kikuchi unit song)
5. O.N.E ~Our New Era~

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