B'LAIVE Reveals New Members and Announces 1st Mini Album

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B'LAIVE Reveals New Members and Announces 1st Mini Album

Visual Kei band B'LAIVE revealed three new members and announced the release of their first mini album for spring.

Bassist Wayu and drummer Shu found new members and completed B'LAIVE's line-up just today, on December 9th. The new members are vocalist Jekyll who was in ATRUS before - a band that stopped being active in May. Their new guitarist Dai was in Oneness that disbanded already in July 2015. He wasn't in a proper band since then but only held a few session concerts. And last but not least, Karen played the guitar in Visual Kei band Ashley - that actually just disbanded yesterday!

B'LAIVE's first self-titled mini album will hit the stores on March 14th, 2018 and comes in two types. The Limited Edition for 2300 Yen plus tax will feature 5 songs and a DVD while the Regular Edition for 2100 Yen plus tax is CD-only featuring 6 songs.

A new vocal is always a big change for a band. If you are interested in how the new B'LAIVE sounds like, check out the PV preview:

In August 2017 vocalist Yoh and guitarist Rey departed from the band, leaving Wayu and Shu as only members.

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