JASSY will Stop Regular Band Activities

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JASSY will Stop Regular Band Activities

Visual Kei band JASSY announced that they will stop regular band activities.

In September the members made a decision: If they can't make their concert on December 2nd at Osaka MUSE being sold out, they will stop regular band activities and search for a regular job. Unfortunately the live wasn't sold out. Still, they already mentioned back in September that they are not planning to disband. Instead of disbanding they want to focus on their career with a proper job but also want to hold a few concerts each year.

Vocalist Mell writes on his blog:

We had the goal to make this oneman live sold out.
The result is, we couldn't make it.

I'm very sorry for everyone who has supported us.
People told me "Please don't apologize like this!"
but this wasn't only our dream, so there's no other way than apologizing.

Their last real oneman tour will include a concert in their hometown Kyoto on February 11th, in Tokyo on 15th, in Nagoya on 23rd and the last one will be held in Osaka on March 2nd. After that there are no concerts planned but JASSY confirmed that they still want to hold concerts every now and then.

JASSY started being active in September 2013 with the members Mell, KING, Criff and Nadelu. While Criff and Nadelu departed they gained SAM as new bassist and - just 3 months ago - Shuhei as new drummer.

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