Yusai To Disband Following Vocalist's Disappearance

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Yusai To Disband Following Vocalist's Disappearance

Visual Kei band Yusai announced its disbanding after vocalist Amane disappeared some weeks ago.

It has been more than a month since Yusai made the announcement that they couldn't come into contact with Amane. For the whole month the band still continued band activities with the remaining three members but after several discussions they decided that they can't continue like this. It seems like they still can't come into contact with the vocalist and therefore decided that he has officially left the band on December 1st. 

But without vocalist it's hard for the band to continue regular band activities, so not only Amane's departure but also Yusai's disbanding has been decided. Their concerts on January 6th in Nagoya, 13th in Osaka and 20th at Takadanobaba AREA in Tokyo will be their last ones.

In personal comments the members express their sadness over this and how sorry they are for their fans and all the things they still had planned to do.

All of Yusai's members were formerly in Visual Kei band Zin where a similar situation happened. For quite a while they were active without vocalist Riku due to his poor mental health. In the end Riku departed from Zin due to unclear circumstances which ended in the disbanding of Zin. One day later they formed Yusai without Riku but their guitarist Luy, now known as Amane, as new vocalist.

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    thisudumbkid 10mo ago

    Well whaddaya know..it's totally not like their vocalist has left then before

    Honestly though....AAAHHH WHY

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