gossip to Release 2nd Full Album within 4 Months

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gossip to Release 2nd Full Album within 4 Months

Visual Kei band gossip will release a new full album on January 10th.

The tracklist of this new album titled "Toguro" (吐愚弄-トグロ-) has been revealed and you can now even listen to a preview of each song! These are the songs included on it:

1. Toguro (吐愚弄-トグロ-) (SE)
2. Wristcut shite (リストカットして)
3. Kubichonpa (クビチョンパ)
4. Sake Bangya!! (咲けバンギャル!!)
5. Nounai Massatsu (脳内抹殺)
6. Ame Onna (雨女)
7. R-18 -Toguro ver- (R-18 吐愚弄-トグロ- ver)
8. Tsumeato (爪跡)
10. Witohanshi (ヰト犯シ)
11. Baka Aho Manuke Banzai!! (バカアホマヌケ万歳!!)
12. Kudaranai Sekai ga Bokutachi wo Koroshiteiku (くだらない世界が僕たちを殺していく)

There will be three different versions. The first one for 6600 Yen includes a ticket for their concert to be held on July 8th, 2018 at Takadanobaba AREA in Tokyo. It is limited to 999 copies. The 2nd version is limited to 1499 copies and features, same as the first version, a DVD including the songs "MISERY" and "Wristcut shite". It costs 3300 Yen. The last version that is limited to 1080 copies is CD-only and doesn't feature the songs "baka ago manuke banzai!!" and "R-18 Toguro version". It costs 1080 Yen and you can only buy it at concerts and via Ains' webshop. But enough talking! Check out the previews below!

Even though the members of gossip are quite busy with their plan of holding 108 oneman concerts within one year, they don't stop releasing new CDs. Actually "toguro" is already their 2nd full album within 4 months and hits the stores after the release of "shikkoku no yami" that dropped in September. In July gossip had already released a new single.

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