ZigZag to Release Best Album

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ZigZag to Release Best Album

Visual Kei band ZigZag announced the release of its first full album.

"hajimete no ZigZag" (はじめてのじぐざぐ) is the title of the CD that will drop on January 1st, 2018 for 2000 Yen. The band's first album is a best album including many of the songs they have released since starting activities in summer 2015.

1. itoshi kijo kyoukaisei (愛シ貴女狂怪性)
2. izayoi (十六夜)
3. tsunagaritai (繋がりたい)
4. warui no ha bandman (悪いのはバンドマン)
5. shikiri ga kirai (仕切りが嫌い)
6. urameshiya ~hyakki yagyou~ (怨めしや~百鬼夜行~)
7. masshou (抹消)
8. tochikuruteru (トチ狂っテる)
9. issai gassai (一祭合祭)
10. okini okira (オキニ オキラ)
11. nerainage (狙い投げ)
12. shinitai (「死にたい」御年頃)
13. kusomen shine (糞麺氏ね)

The three-member band with a religious visual concept has released 5 mini albums until now as well as many live-limited CD. The songs are usually about about the current Visual Kei scene and all the problems Visual Kei fans have to face.

Shared by: Keia
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