Tensai's Vocalist Goes on 500km Bike Ride to Promote Free Concert

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Tensai's Vocalist Goes on 500km Bike Ride to Promote Free Concert

Visual Kei band tensai will hold a free one man at Ikebukuro Black Hole, Tokyo on December 11th. Now the members have come up with a way to promote this concert: Vocalist Cult announced to go on a bike ride from Osaka to Tokyo.

He will start at noon on December 1st at Visual Kei Indie Shop Like an Edison Osaka. According to the band's twitter, everyone is welcome to send him off. The distance between Osaka and Tokyo is more than 500 km and we don't know how long it will take but he has to arrive in the capital within 7 days. This is the first rule. Moreover, he has to accept challenges in order to gain money during his drip because the money he starts with also depends on how many retweets this tweet will get. They will multiply the number on December 1st with 10. So for example if the tweet gains 2.500 retweets, he will start with 25.000 Yen. No credit cards are allowed. There will be a money fine if he goes to sleep before tweeting.

On his way to Tokyo Cult will distribute tickets for their oneman live and has to visit particular places. But he won't be alone! "Super-roadie Yuuma" will be with him for various reasons such as filming and making sure Cult doesn't break any rules.

How long do you think he will need until arriving in Tokyo?

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    leighLa 3yr ago

    Tensai: "What's the best way to promote our band?"

    Vocalist: "Cycling!"

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