Kiryu, Codomo Dragon and Royz Announces New DVDs to be Released in January

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Kiryu, Codomo Dragon and Royz Announces New DVDs to be Released in January

Visual Kei bands Royz, Kiryu and Codomo Dragon announced the release of new DVDs to drop in January. 

It seems like this will become an anual post since last year and the year before around the same time all three bands that are signed under B.P.RECORDS announced to release new live and documentary DVDs. This year as well you can look forward to new content!

First of all, there is Kiryu's DVDs that are scheduled to drop on January 10th, 2018. The live DVD features the band's tour final on August 13th, 2017 at Toyosu PIT and costs 6200 Yen. If you're interested in how the summer tour went, then get your hands on the Documentary DVD for 10584 Yen!

Kiryu's kohai band Royz will release a new live DVD titled "47 Todofuken ONEMAN TOUR 『THE AXIA 47-RAVENS CALL-』〜2017.08.17 Nakano Sun Plaza" for 6200 Yen. It will feature the band's RAVEN tour final held in the Northern part of Tokyo. But there isn't only this new live DVD to come but also lots of backstage scenes. "47 Todofuken ONEMAN TOUR 『THE AXIA 47-RAVENS CALL-』〜DOCUMENT〜" will cost 10584 but you'll receive 4 DVDs, which means around 4 hours of backstage scenes recorded during their RAVEN tour the past spring and summer. Both releases will drop on January 17th, 2018.

And the youngest band signed under the label, Codomo Dragon, will release its live DVD for 6200 Yen on January 24th. It features the tour final of codomo Dragon's 10th oneman tour that has been held on September 9th at Toyosu PIT. 

Lots of new DVDs for fans of these three bands! Are you going to buy one or more of these?

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