[Exclusive] Jpopasia Interviews MORRIGAN

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[Exclusive] Jpopasia Interviews MORRIGAN

Visual Kei band MORRIGAN formed in 2015 in Sendai and when they got the chance to travel abroad in order to meet their European fans this year the members didn't hesitate. On November 4th they performed at Comic & Games convention in Lucca, Italy and on November 7th their oneman tour to various European countries started with a concert in Munich, Germany.
We got the chance to meet the members there and talk about their band and experiences they've already made during the past few days. Check it out!

JPA: Please introduce yourself and tell us where you were born.
SETSUNA: I’m drummer SETSUNA. From Sendai.
PITTY: I’m guitarist PITTY. I was born in Sendai.
Everyone: It’s like a wonderland there!
KULOE: I’m bassist KULOE. I’m from the end of the universe.
ARYU: I’m vocalist ARYU. I’m from the underworld.

JPA: Where did you come to know each other?
ARYU: In the underworld!

JPA: Where does your band name come from?
ARYU: Morrigan is a goddess from the celtic Mythology. She is a beautiful bright woman but when she fights demons her clothes turn dark.

JPA: What’s your band concept? What do you want to convey with your music?
ARYU: It’s salvation. We want to save people.

JPA: What are your personal musical roots? What was the first CD you ever bought?
SETSUNA: Shiam Shade
ARYU: L’Arc~en~Ciel and my first CD was Snowdrop.
PITTY: Michael Jackson

JPA: Is it your first time abroad?
Everyone: Yes, it’s our very first time abroad.

JPA: In October you released your single “moshimo kuroi tsubasa ga haetanara” as “Angel” and “Devil” version. Why? What’s the concept?
ARYU: Because we liked both versions, so we released them both. And if you speak of “wings” [=tsubasa] then the picture that usually comes to your mind is angels and devils.

JPA: Since you know each other for such a long time, who of you would be rather a devil and who an angel?
SETSUNA: PITTY is the angel.
JPA: How about devil?

JPA: Thank you for this interview! In the end, please send a message to JPA's readers!
ARYU: We’re the one Visual Kei band in Japan who can reach the most goals! Motherfucker!
PITTY: I came to like Europe a lot! Thank you!
SETSUNA: We will definitely come back.
ARYU & SETSUNA: Please come to meet us then!
KULOE: If I ever open a Saizeria [Japanese food chain with Italian food], please come to that place!


MORRIGAN has two stops left before returning to Japan: On November 12th they are performing in the Netherlands and on November 14th they will hold their tour final in Paris.

Even if you live abroad and can't attend the band's European tour you can still get your hands on their music - since MORRIGAN's songs are available on itunes! You want to buy their physical CDs and DVDs? Some as well as goods are available at V STAR PROMOTION's webshop.

But that's not it: new music will hit the stores soon! On December 6th MORRIGAN will release its new album "THE CORPSE MANSION". It will feature 13 songs and you can check out the track list here!

Source: special thanks to the management and band for the interview!
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    Aries 4w ago

    Oh I lately bought a lot of their music and it's a shame they will disband. Such a great band.
    Greetings from Bulgaria and thanx for everything you've done for us in years! You trully saved us!

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