Yusai's Members Unable to Contact Vocalist

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Yusai's Members Unable to Contact Vocalist

The members of Visual Kei band Yusai revealed in an official statement that they aren't able to come into contact with their vocalist Amane.

It seems like everything started already one week ago. On October 25th Yusai announced that they will perform that evening as well as the next without their vocalist Amane due to him being in "bad physical condition". Today the members published another announcement stating that they can't come into contact with Amane anymore and also don't know where he is. The remaining three members apologized on twitter for all the trouble and that they made their fans sad and worry them. Drummer saku writes: "I'm so sorry that it turned out like this. Even if I apologize I don't think this is something that can be forgiven." 

Unfortunately fans of the members already had to go through a similar situation. Back then they were active as Zin and over many weeks they were performing without their vocalist Riku - due to his poor mental health. But while Riku did officially take a break from band activities that time, it's unclear why Amane doesn't contact the other members anymore or what has happened to him.

We will keep you updated on this!

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