Rave Angers Fans and Musicians with Promotion of New CD

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Rave Angers Fans and Musicians with Promotion of New CD

Earlier today Visual Kei band Rave announced that their vocal Ren has been arrested. Now it turns out that this was only part of the promotion strategy for their new single.

At 6pm Rave posted on their twitter the following tweet: 

Last night, early in the morning, vocalist Ren has been arrested and brought to a police station. More details will be revealed at 8pm, so please wait for more information.

Fans waited for two hours, being worried about Ren and the band's future. Then, at 8pm, Rave posted a couple of tweets and the photo above, revealing that it was only promotion for their upcoming single "tsumi to batsu" that will hit the stores on November 15th, 2017.

While you can find tweets of fans expressing their relief, more tweets are coming from angry and disappointed people, Visual Kei fans as well as musicians. Most of those are wondering if the band ever thought about the fans' feelings and some even say their guitarist Mikuru who passed away not even a year ago would be ashamed of the band promoting their single in such a way.

RAZOR's IZA for example tweets two minutes after the single announcement: "It has been some time since I was this angry. This is really the worst. I'm ashamed to be in the same music genre like them. If you think about troubling your surrounding and about the feelings of the fans then you should be able to understand the difference between good things you do and bad things. My words are ending up to be insults but they are really idiots, aren't they?"
Also his bandmate and Sadie's member Tsurugi expresses his anger and asking if the adults who approved to this idea didn't think about anything, like the feelings of their fans and families. With "adults" he probably means the famous Visual Kei label PS Company where Rave is under contract.

During the past year there have been a couple of arrestments of Japanese musicians, mostly of those being active in the Rock and Visual Kei scene.

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