ASTARIA's Yuduki Departs This Week and Band Stops Activities

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ASTARIA's Yuduki Departs This Week and Band Stops Activities

Visual Kei band ASTARIA announced the departure of guitarist Yuduki and will go on hiatus in about month.

This isn’t a good year for ASTARIA. Not even two months ago guitarist K.O.H revealed to leave the band on November 3rd, now they will also lose their other guitarist, Yuduki. But the reasons are different. While K.O.H will depart due to personal reasons and in order to improve, Yuduki is forced to stop band activities. He already had problems with his spinal and paused live activities this summer. Unfortunately it got worse and it’s not possible for him anymore to continue with regular band activities. He explains that the only one who is responsible for the health of his body is himself and the only way to get better is to rest and focus on treatment. He might not be able to be in a band again but only time will show. Yuduki won’t be able to hold a last live but will depart officially on September 30th, after being part of the band since Black Klaxon changed into ASTARIA in January 2015.

The members announced that ASTARIA will go on hiatus but while the word “hiatus” still contains some hope that the band will be back, it might be better for ASTARIA’s fans to not keep their hopes up too high. Vocalist Rey comments: “I’m so sorry for not being able to protect ASTARIA and everyone’s place to be. Right now I can’t say anymore than that. I’m so sorry. But I also don’t want to say that this is a “disbanding” now. When Yuduki is well again, even if it’s just for one minute, standing on stage again and showing you my smile… At that time I want to hold our disbanding live.” 

The band’s last live for now will be their oneman on November 3rd, 2017 in their home town at Nagoya Heart land studio. 

Below you can watch the music video of their best album that dropped yesterday:

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