Namie Amuro Asks For Privacy Following Retirement Announcement

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Namie Amuro Asks For Privacy Following Retirement Announcement

Namie Amuro is pleading with the media to respect the privacy of her family and staff following her retirement announcement.

In a post made on social media, Amuro thanked people for their support, but warned that coverage of those close to her has become excessive.

"There has been excessive coverage every day from the media, including of my family members who lead private lives, from the homes of my staff, my workplace and more...Please stop the excessive coverage of my family and staff," the singer said.

Netizens showed their support for Amuro, indicating their desire to respect her wishes.

Amuro has been a hot topic over the past week following her announcement that she will be retiring from the music industry in 2018. While increased coverage of the singer is to be expected, Amuro hopes the the media will respect boundaries in their reporting.

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    jayugo 5yr ago

    I would hope that the media would respect this. To often they want to pry into every little aspect of a star's life. She really should not have to ask this but I understand why. I hope her request is respected. To Namie Amuro I say, "Thank you for so many good memories and may you truly enjoy your retirement. You will always be the Queen of J-pop to me and my favorite singer."

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