DADAROMA will Release "Good and Bad Medicine"

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DADAROMA will Release

DADAROMA will release a brand new CD which will be a Double-A-side single.

It is titled "ii kusuri to, warui kusuri" (いいくすりと、わるいくすり" which means "good medicine and bad medicine" and will hit the stores on November 1st. Interested? Check out the tracklists!

Type A (2000 Yen plus tax)
1. ii kusuri (「いいくすり」)
2. warui kusuri (「わるいくすり」)
3. アリス・イン・アンダーグラウンド(Alice in underground)
1. ii kusuri (「いいくすり」)

Type B (2000 Yen plus tax)
1. warui kusuri (「わるいくすり」)
2. ii kusuri (「いいくすり」)
3. 2017nen 7gatsu 21nichi no nikki (2017年 7月 21日の日記)
1. Warui kusuri (「わるいくすり」)

It's interesting to see that "warui kusuri", the bad medicine, is actually a ballad while "ii kusuri", the good medicine, is a harder rock song. But find out in the preview below and also take a look at their 2nd style for this Double-A-Side single!

Shared by: Keia
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