yasu of Acid Black Cherry Leaves Japan For Health Reasons

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yasu of Acid Black Cherry Leaves Japan For Health Reasons

yasu, known for being the vocalist of the band Janne Da Arc and for his solo project Acid Black Cherry, has left Japan in an effort to improve his health.

On August 3, it was revealed yasu has been suffering from complications that arose from his years of intense activities. His cervical vertebrae has been damaged, and he experiences pain throughout various parts of his body.

yasu suspended his activities in order to receive treatment for his condition.

On September 13, Shintaro Kikuchi, a producer for the singer, updated yasu's blog to inform fans of his health. yasu left Japan 3 days ago in order to rest in a climate that was more stable and favorable for his condition. 

"There are several friends with him on site. Because of the constant climate and atmospheric pressure, the constant pain has eased a little, and yasu's body and soul has been refreshed," Kikuchi said.

Kikuchi stated that yasu will not need to undergo surgery, but still needed time to heal. He is still in pain from his condition.

"I don't know how much pain yasu is actually feeling. You can touch the affected area and see the swelling and infer how much he's suffering, but he's not sharing true amount of pain he's in," Kikuchi said.

yasu will remain out of the country until the temperature fluctuations in Japan stabilize. When he returns, he will begin a full-scale treatment.

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