Arashi Announces 16th Album "「untitled」"

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Arashi Announces 16th Album

Arashi has announced that it will be releasing its 16th studio album "「untitled」" on October 18 (the bracket notation is included in the title).

For Arashi's 18th year, the group will explore the concept of "unfinished" business. The group will challenge itself to conquer things it hasn't explored musically, including a long-form song that will be 10 minutes long.

The lead single off the album is titled "Mikan" which will symbolize the album's theme. The song will contain various themes such as "peace", "digital", "classical music", and "hip-hop".

2 versions of the album will be available upon release: a 2CD version, and a CD DVD version. Both versions will come with a CD containing the 13-track album, while the 2CD version will include a 2nd CD containing 4 unit songs and 1 bonus track.

The track list for the album and the group's sub-units on the 2nd CD will be released at a later date.

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    ZonArashi 5yr ago
    New concepts, I am very excited for this album, Arashi are the Storm of creativity 
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