JASSY Might Stop Regular Band Activities Next Year

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JASSY Might Stop Regular Band Activities Next Year

Visual Kei band JASSY made an announcement that will have great influence on the members future activities in the music scene.

Every now and then you hear bands announcing to disband if they can't make a particular number of people come to a particular live. Also JASSY planned to make such an announcement but the more they thought about it the more they realized they don't want JASSY to disband if they can't make it. Still, they made a decision: The members want to find a regular job if they fail to make their live on December 2nd at Osaka Muse being sold out. You might think that this is the same like a disbanding announcement but vocal Mell explains on his blog:

I don't want to throw away what we've created until now.
So we thought... Even if we give up on the dream to be successful as a band and start working, it doesn't mean that we will work 365 days a year. There will be days off and isn't it possible to give lives on those days?
It will be difficult to have lives in other cities and give instores but giving a live at least once a year will be possible without hardship.
As long as there are the members and fans who like JASSY it's not neccessary to let this band disband.

Just a few months ago, in May 2017, JASSY released its first music video after almost 4 years of band activity. During the past two years their drummer NadeLu as well as bassist and then manager Criff departed from the band. Now the beginning of 2018 might also mark a big change in the lives of the remaining three members.

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