Kiryu Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Best Album and New Single

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Kiryu Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Best Album and New Single

Visual Kei band Kiryu announced not only one but two new CDs for this year!

The first CD is a double-A-side single that will hit the stores on October 25th. It’s titled „jou no ka / oborozukiyo“ (情ノ華 /朧月夜) and will come in four types. Type Afor 1944 Yen will feature both lead tracks and the PV and Making of „jou no ka“ while Type B for the same price will feature the same two tracks but the PV and Making of „oborozukiyo“. Type C for 1620 Yen is CD-only and will come with an additional track that is currently untitled though. You will also receive the instrumental versions of these three songs on Type C. Type D for 1620 Yen is CD-only as well and will feature a different 3rd track but also comes with instrumental versions.

Moreover, the title track „Jou no ka“ will be used as theme song of an anime titled „card fight!! Vanguard G Z“ (カードファイト!!ヴァンガードG Z). As of October 8th people living in Japan can listen to the song on TV! 

Kiryu has been around for quite a while now. The band started its activities in September 2007 and is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary. For this occation they decided to release a best of album titled „2007~2017“ (二〇〇七~二〇一七). You can buy it as of December16th and have three different versions to choose from. Check out the impressive track list:

1. Shikami Sakura (獅噛ミ桜)
2. Another side (アナザーサイド)
3. Shishoku (紫蝕)
4. Saigo no koi (最後ノ恋)
5. Akaku Chiru Boku no Ao (朱ク散ル僕ノ蒼)
6. Tsuki no hime (月ノ姫)
7. Oirantan (花魁譚)
8. Meikyo Shisui (明鏡止水)
9. Ame yoru ni emi Eve (雨夜ニ笑エバ)
10. Wakare Biyori wa Honoka ni Somaru (別レ日和ハ仄カニ染マル)
11. Ruru (屡流)
12. Mugen Houyou (夢幻鳳影)
13. Kisai (鬼祭)
14. Kyosei (叫声)
15. Tomoshibi (灯)
16. Shuka Ensen (朱花艶閃)
17. Etsu to Utsu (悦ト鬱)
18. Aien Kien (愛怨忌焔)
19. Akai mi Hajiketa (アカイミハジケタ)
20. Kyoka Suigetsu (暁歌水月)
21. Amaterasu (天照)
22. Kyuubi (九尾)
23. Utakata (泡沫)
24. Irodori (彩)
25. Hyakki Yakou (百鬼夜行)
26. Gekkabijin (月下美人)
27. Watashi wa Kairai, Sarugutsuwa no Ningyou (私ハ傀儡、猿轡ノ人形)
Tomoshibi (灯)
Shuka Ensen (朱花艶閃)
Etsu to Utsu (悦ト鬱)
Aien Kien (愛怨忌焔)
Akai mi Hajiketa (アカイミハジケタ)
Kyoka Suigetsu (暁歌水月)
Amaterasu (天照)
Kyuubi (九尾)
Utakata (泡沫)
Irodori (彩)
Hyakki Yakou (百鬼夜行)
Amaterasu (アマテラス)
Gekkabijin (月下美人)
Watashi wa Kairai, Sarugutsuwa no Ningyou (私ハ傀儡、猿轡ノ人形)

Type A for 4000 Yen will feature the track lists above, CDs as well as DVD, a booklet with 52 pages and comes in a special package. Type B for 3500 Yen comes with both CDs and the DVD while Type C for 3000 Yen is CD-only.

In November Kiryu’s oneman tour will start. The tour final will be onDecember 27th and 28th at Zepp Tokyo. 

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