Former Morning Musume Member Asuka Fukuda Announces Divorce

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Former Morning Musume Member Asuka Fukuda Announces Divorce

Former Morning Musume member Asuka Fukuda has announced that she is divorced from her former husband.

The divorce occurred in July of 2016; however, the singer did not make the divorce public until July 24, 2017 when she posted a blog about it.

Differences of opinion on how to raise the couple's child were the reason for the divorce. Fukuda's ex-husband did not believe she should continue her music activities after giving birth last February.

It became difficult for Fukuda and her ex-husband to live peacefully with each other. The fundamental differences on how to be parents created a situation that couldn't go on long term, causing the two to seek a divorce.

Fukuda did not disclose her divorce until a year after it occurred to protect her child. The two took time to figure out how to be parents to the newborn without being together, and did so privately until they reached a positive place.

The singer promised to do everything in her power to give her child a happy life. She will maintain a good relationship with her ex-husband so the two can be in the child's life on good terms.

Asuka Fukuda is one of the original members of Morning Musume. She left the group in April of 1999 to focus on her studies. In 2011, she returned to the entertainment industry, joining the group PEACE$TONE.

Fukuda and her ex-husband married each other during the spring of 2015.

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