ex-DIV's Chobi and Satoshi Form "Twelve Apostles"

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ex-DIV's Chobi and Satoshi Form

Chobi and Satoshi, both former members of Visual Kei band DIV, announced the start of their new project "Twelve Apostels".

Actually the project was formed by drummer Satoshi who decided for this title "in order to complete a special mission for the future". While being part of this project Satoshi and bassist Chobi will hold 12 events, each one having the name of one apostle appearing in the bible. So far five events have been announced, the first one on August 1st.
But even if there are 12 apostles it doesn't mean that there will be only 12 concerts. Some of the events are split up in a couple of concerts. The event titled "Andrew" for example will feature four different lives in August. At each event Satoshi as well as Chobi will perform with their own session bands.

Unfortunately there isn't any music available yet but keep an eye on the project's twitter for more information!

Chobi and Satoshi aren't the only DIV-members that have moved forward. Not even one month ago vocalist Chisa and guitarist Shogo announced the formation of their new band "ACME".

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