Koki Tanaka Will Not Be Prosecuted For Alleged Marijuana Possession

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Koki Tanaka Will Not Be Prosecuted For Alleged Marijuana Possession

Koki Tanaka, a former member of the popular boy band KAT-TUN and current vocalist for the band INKT, will not be prosecuted for his alleged possession of marijuana.

The status of the legal case against Tanaka was revealed through the INKT official blog. Prosecutors decided to drop the charges against Tanaka due to a lack of evidence obtained for the case.

On May 24, police stopped Tanaka while driving in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo. Marijuana was allegedly found on the car floor between the drivers seat and the passengers seat.

Tanaka is said to have denied that the marijuana was his; however, Tanaka was alone in the vehicle when he was pulled over, the police added.

Investigators for the case found that Tanaka had tested positive for marijuana use. However, there is currently no way of determining how long ago someone consumed marijuana due to THC's highly variable amount of time that it stays in your system.

No information on the future activities of INKT or Tanaka have been released at this time.

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