Smileberry Gains Two New Members

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Smileberry Gains Two New Members

In mid-June Smileberry announced that two new members will join them.

However, details on the two members haven't been revealed. All we got back then was this picture:

Today, on July 1st, the band revealed the identity of the two new members that you can see in the first picture of this article! Their new bassist is called NoA and their new drummer is Rio (理緒). If you're in Japan this August you'll get a great chance to get to know them since Smileberry is going on a free oneman tour. There will be a live in Osaka on August 15th, in Nagoya on 16th and in Tokyo on 19th.

Moreover, the band announced its 4th single "zettai LOVER" (絶対LOVER) that will drop in August 9th. Both versions will feature the lead track and the B-side titled "monochro kataomoi" (モノクロ片想い). The Regular one will cost 1200 Yen plus tax and the Limited one 1500 Yen plus tax but the Limited Edition will have some bonus: a special jacket as well as a mini poster and one ticket for the band's live on September 18th at Shibuya REX in Tokyo.

Here is already the new PV preview featuring the two new members:

Smileberry started as five-member band two years ago. However, one month ago the band lost guitarist Paru, bassist Yuna and drummer Charlie. While Paru and Charlie stated to continue making music, Yuna left the scene and will open his own bar in Osaka on July 7th, 2017.

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    RoseAugust 1yr ago

    I loved the song and I kind of hope that NoA and Rio become a little more comforble with Motoki ^.^

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