Details About Ririka Suto's Fiance & Relationship Emerge

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Details About Ririka Suto's Fiance & Relationship Emerge

When NMB48 member Ririka Suto announced at the 9th annual Senbatsu General Election that she will be getting married, most people were unaware that she had even been dating. Questions about who her fiance is and how their relationship started were plentiful.

A report by weekly tabloid magazine "Shuukan Bunshun" is shedding light on the circumstances surrounding Suto's relationship.

According to the magazine, Suto's fiance, referred to as Mr. A, is a male in his mid 20s who works in the medical field. He studied psychology while he was a student.

The couple have been together for more than a year. They met by chance at the restaurant that Suto's mother works at while Mr. A's friends were having a party.

Mr. A is said to have been a fan of NMB48 prior to meeting Suto. He understood that as an idol, Suto was unable to date him openly, so they developed a relationship in private.

Suto has been seen wearing an unknown band's t-shirt on occasion. Shuukan Bunshun reports that Mr. A is part of a band, and that those t-shirts were for his band.

The magazine published a photo of Suto at a convenience store after leaving Mr. A's apartment. The two are said to spend their alone time there frequently.

After initially announcing her impending marriage, Suto said she would discuss the matter in greater detail at a later date. This has not yet occurred.

It is unclear what Suto's future with NMB48 or her activities will be now that it is known she is in a relationship. The AKB family of groups have a strict dating ban in place, and prior violations have been met with severe punishment.

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