Man Arrested For Online Ticket Scalping, A First For Japan

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Man Arrested For Online Ticket Scalping, A First For Japan

The Hyogo Prefecture Police Department has arrested a 43-year-old unemployed man named Masatoshi Konishi on suspicion of fraud for online ticket scalping.

Konishi had purchased digital tickets to Sakanaction concerts. The cyber crimes division of the Hyogo Prefecture Police Department accused Konishi of reselling the tickets online at a higher price.

In addition to the Sakanaction tickets, the department claims Konishi has sold ¥60 million Yen ($547,585 USD) worth of tickets since 2014 through online resale sites.

This the first time that anyone has been arrested in Japan for purchasing concert tickets with the intent of reselling them for profit.

The resale of concert tickets has become a hot topic issue in Japan as the practice became more prevalent in recent years. Websites dedicated to the resale of tickets for profit can fetch as high as 10 times the original sales price.

Due to the high profit margins and effortlessness of online resales, fans of musicians have faced difficulties obtaining tickets to concerts as more and more get bought up by scalpers. This has created an inaccessible environment for many fans who cannot afford to buy for-profit resold tickets.

Within the past year, the music industry has pushed back against the resale industry. Coalitions of artists, agencies, music labels and concert venues have formed to lobby against the practice. Technology such as facial recognition is also being utilized to prevent the easy transfer of tickets.

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    This is insane. I know people resell tickets online if they end up not going (I personally know people who have done this and not on purpose), and I myself have bought resold tickets for the LA K festival (even though those tickets were free) but online ticket scalping is just plain wrong. So many fans want to go to these concerts to see their favorites perform and these scammers know this full well and take advantage of it.

    Many of us who go to Asian artist concerts are still in school - even college age kids - who rarely have enough money to go in the first place. In the end, so many seats are wasted because these scammers buy up tickets and don't even know the performers and don't go to the concerts. It's such a shame and I support the companies 100% on their stance to go against them. Shame on those taking advantage of not only the artists, but fans as well. I hope they all get caught and are charged for their crimes.

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