E-Girls Announces Huge Line Up Change + Dream Disbands

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E-Girls Announces Huge Line Up Change + Dream Disbands

When E-Girls teased that the group would be making an "important announcement" on June 5, the group was not overselling things to hype something up.

The group announced today a huge shake up in its structure, which includes the dissolution of Dream, Dream Aya becoming a behind-the-scenes force, and 8 members leaving E-Girls.

E-Girls will no longer be the entity that brings together the LDH girls groups Dream, Flower and Happiness. Instead, a new entity had been created name EGfamily. All 19 members of the former E-Girls will now be involved in the EGfamily.

While none of the members of Dream will be leaving EGfamily, the group's 3 members will each be going their own way.

Dream Aya will no longer be active as a performer or vocalist. Instead, she will be focusing her efforts behind-the-scenes as the EGfamily chief creative manager. Her role will be similar to HIRO's with EXILE.

Dream Ami will no longer be a member of E-Girls. She will now focus all of her efforts as a solo artist.

Dream Shizuka will be focusing her efforts on the group Dance EARTH PARTY where she performs with EXILE USA and EXILE TETSUYA.

The new E-Girls will be an 11-member group. The group will be releasing a new single, titled "Love ☆ Queen", on July 26. It will be the first single as the new generation, and its 19th overall.

Dream Aya was the leader of E-Girls prior to the group's shake up. A new leader will be decided upon at a later date.

The following is a break down of the 11 member who are staying in E-Girls, and the 8 members who left:

Remaining: SAYAKA (Happiness), Kaede (Happiness), YURINO (Happiness), Anna Suda (Happiness), Karen Fujii (Happiness), Reina Washio (Flower), Nozomi Bando (Flower), Harumi Sato (Flower), Yuzuna Takebe, Anna Ishii, Nonoka Yamaguchi

Leaving: Dream Aya, Dream Ami, Dream Shizuka, MIYUU, Ruri Kawamoto, Shuuka Fujii, Manami Shigetome, Mio Nakajima

On July 15 and 16, an event titled "E-girls LIVE 2017 ~EGEVOLUTION~" will be held at Saitama Super Arena. The 19 member of the former E-Girls group will be performing together as E-Girls for the last time during the event. This will also mark Dream Aya's last performance on stage.

E-Girls will be guests on the June 9 broadcast of "Music Station". This will be the last time the group will perform as it 19-member iteration on television.

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