Johnny's WEST Announces Double A-Side Single "Osaka☆Ai EYE Ai / Ya! Hot! Hot!"

6yr ago   ·   Friday 12 May, 2017 - 01:44pm UTC   ·   Aysohmay   ·   4 upvotes   ·   0 comments   ·   2,409 views
Johnny's WEST Announces Double A-Side Single

Johnny's WEST has announced that it will be releasing a new single titled "Osaka☆Ai EYE Ai / Ya! Hot! Hot!" on June 21.

"Osaka☆Ai EYE Ai" will be an upbeat track inspired by disco-era styles and sounds. The song is produced by Kiyoshi Matsuo.

"Ya Hot! Hot!" will also be an upbeat track. It has been picked up as the CM song for Baskin Robbins.

3 versions of the single will be available upon release: a Regular Edition CD-Only version, and 2 Limited Edition CD DVD versions. Limited Edition A will contain the music video for "Osaka☆Ai EYE Ai", while Limited Edition B contains the music video for "Ya! Hot! Hot!".

The CD-Only version of the single will come with 2 additional songs: "PARA! PARA! Cha~Han" and "Arigatou".

Shared by: Aysohmay
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