[Exclusive] Live Report of MIYAVI in Germany, May 2017

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[Exclusive] Live Report of MIYAVI in Germany, May 2017

Four shows in Germany – solo artist MIYAVI himself was surprised by such a big number, as he stated on stage in Munich that he visited during this year’s World Tour. For MIYAVI it was the first show in Germany in 2017 and the 3rd in Europe. On February 19th he kicked off his “Firebird” tour in Asia, to commemorate his latest album “Fire Bird” that dropped last August. But this world tour doesn’t include only concerts in Asia and Europe. He also visited many cities in the US and played two shows in Canada.

On May 1st JPopAsia joined MIYAVI’s fans in Munich, watching the solo artist heating up the crowed that evening.


When MIYAVI showed up on stage the crowd went wild, clapping and shouting his name. After picking up his guitar, the first sounds of “Raise Me Up” were already blasting from the speakers. Even though he doesn’t sing that much during this song he showed his skills – on his guitar. MIYAVI opened the show with his typical guitar slapping in combination with the sounds his DJ produced in the meantime, creating a mix of nostalgia with beats of a new era. The fans jumped along to these beats and went over to clapping during the 2nd song, “So On It”.

Not only the fans but also MIYAVI felt the hot air and atmosphere as he got rid of his long black shirt. After giving everyone time for a few more breaths he addressed the audience for the first time this evening with a message: Everyone is connected through music, no matter where they are from. He also introduced drummer Bobo and DJ Johnny and expressed his gratitude for being able to come back to Europe – thanks to his crew, the fans and everyone involved.

But the talking didn’t last long and MIYAVI slapped his guitar again for “Ha!”, “Ganryu” and other songs before playing “Live to Die Another Day”. You could tell how often the fans must have listened to this song as they sang along so much that MIYAVI didn’t even sing into the microphone often. Instead, he walked around on stage while singing the words just like that and letting his guitar speak.

Another talk time followed where he introduced his song “Where Home is” with the words: “It’s the first track I’ve collaborated with my wife melody. It’s about Home.  I have my family in my heart, so I’m never far away from my home. And also, we want to dedicate this track to everyone who is struggling and fighting every single day far away from home.” And as mentioned, melodys voice filled the hall until MIYAVI started playing his guitar, putting all of his heart into it. With “Youth of the Nation” another emotional song moved the crowed that evening.

But already the next track changed the atmosphere again and brought back all the energy and jumping. “Firebird” marked the middle of the concert during which red and yellow flooded the stage and hall. Nobody seemed to hold back shouting and singing when the following songs “Afraid to be Cool”, “Cry Like This” and “The Others” were performed by the artists on stage.

At the whole concert MIYAVI made good use of all three microphones that had been prepared on stage. One was standing in the middle of the stage where the guitarist spent most time but he also often sang on the right and left side of the stage where microphones were standing as well. Sometimes he moved his guitar on his back and sang, before getting it back with one smooth move to the front and playing the next riffs – just like during “Day 1”.

After 18 partly exhausting, partly emotional songs MIYAVI left the stage but came back not much later to perform another three songs. Before getting his guitar for the last round he addressed the fans once again. “The whole world is falling apart and it’s getting harder and harder. As an artist, I promise you to make something good. And I promise to keep moving forward to make something new with you guys sharing that. Thank you so much.” The following song “Guard You” expressed once again a rather calm side of the “ Samurai Guitarist”. “When I play the guitar, I feel free”, he said before letting his guitar express that freedom.

 “What a Wonderful World” and the new version of “What’s My Name” were the last two songs of the show – and some of MIYAVI’s evergreens. Everyone was singing along and jumping while nostalgic vibes filled the hall, showing that music does indeed unite people.

After thanking everyone for coming again the singer and guitarist left the stage for the last time that evening.

Set List
 01. Raise Me Up
 02. So On It
 03. Cool Girl
 04. Dim it
 05. Ha!
 06. Ganryu
 07. Epic Swing
 08. Mission Impossible
 09. Live to Die Another Day
 10. Where Home Is
 11. Youth of the Nation
 12. Fire Bird
 13. Afraid to be Cool
 14. Cry Like This
 15. The Others
 16. Day 1
 17. Horizon
 18. Long Nights
 EN1 Guard You
 EN2 What a Wonderful World
 EN3 What’s My Name 2017


But it was not the last concert of the tour. Five more will follow before the tour comes to an end in Berlin on May 10th. And we also have more photos of the Munich concert for you that you can find on our facebook page.
Did you already experience the Samurai Guitarist's energy live or are you at one of the final concerts of this tour? We’re happy to hear about your live experience in the comments!

Moreover, we have another surprise for you: Please wait patiently for our interview with MIYAVI that you will be able to read next month! You can look forward to stories about the latest album, to his deep thoughts about the presents and future of the people living in this world – and much more!

Source: Special thanks to the band, management and tour organisers
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