LONDBOY Releases Statement Regarding Rio's Relationship with Under-Aged Girl

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LONDBOY Releases Statement Regarding Rio's Relationship with Under-Aged Girl

Visual Kei band LONDBOY as well as Rio himself released a statement explaining the situation that got him arrested earlier this week.

On April 11th guitarist Rio got arrested due to having a sexual relationship with an under-aged girl but was released one day later after more details came to light.

Rio met up with a girl who became a fan of LONDBOY around one year ago and also had sex with her in fall last year. When the 24-year-old guitarist told her they can't meet anymore she uploaded the content of their LINE conversations and letters to online platforms.
Due to this matter Rio went to the police. They investigated on it and found out that the girl is under-aged which resulted in the guitarist's arrestment due to violation of the law.
Further investigation brought forward that he did ask the girl for her ID but she showed him one that wasn't her own, making Rio believe that she's of legal age.

In his own statement he apologizes for all the trouble he has made and for the bad reputation he has brought upon the band name LONDBOY by his personal actions. For now he won't take part in the band's live activities but he mentions how thankful he is for the members not firing him.

Source: members blogs
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    don't worry about that little stuff your a rock star your ment to have sex and be wild just keep pumping out the great music londboy has come one of my favs for sure

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