BLaive Announces Departure of Two Members and Release of Best Album

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BLaive Announces Departure of Two Members and Release of Best Album

BLaive announced that two members will depart after the release of a Best Album.

Not even one week ago we reported on another Visual Kei band, Smileberry, releasing a best album before some of its member will depart. Now the same happens to another rather colorful Visual Kei band - BLaive. Vocalist Yoh and guitarist Rey will leave the band due to various reasons. According to the announcement Yoh will walk a different path than BLaive while Rey will leave the music scene to concentrate on the family business.

After BLaive's oneman live at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE in Tokyo on August 14th the band will continue with its remaining two members.

The last release with the current line-up is a best album titled "Shikisai Guraduation" (色彩Guraduation). It will drop on June 21st in two different types:

BITTER Edition
1.exalation (イグサレーション)
2.panorama noise (パノラマノイズ)
3.Tarot~yuuwaku ni tori tsukareta XV~ (タロット~誘惑に取り憑かれたXV~)
4.envy (not released on any CD before yet)
6.JACK the Reaper
7.dokugakuriron (ドクガクリロン)
8.Kanaria curse (カナリアカース)
10.Can you hear me?
11.New Song A

SWEET Edition
1.moumoku (盲目)
2.shinsou (針奏)
3.dream jumbo gakuen (ドリームジャンボ学園)
4.senkouhanabi (線香花火)
5.Baby Smile ~utau riyuu ga aruno nara~ (Baby Smile~歌う理由があるのなら~)
6.sansanranbu (燦々乱舞)
8.sekibaku (寂寞)
9.eternity∞ kimi to no yakusoku (eternity∞君との約束)
10.oshikuramanjuu (おしくらまんじゅう)
11.New Song B
senkouhanabi MV & offshot

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