Three Members will Leave Smileberry

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Three Members will Leave Smileberry

Visual Kei band Smileberry announced that three members will leave the band.

Last week we talked about Smileberry releasing a best album. While for many fans this was good news since they were looking forward to a new album, others were worried about the band since a best album sometimes hints on a sad announcement in the near future. Unfortunately in Smileberry's case, the announcement of the best album was indeed followed by a sad announcement.

Yesterday, on April 5th, the band and their fans celebrated gitarist Paru's birthday at a live. A few hours later the announcement appeared on their blogs: Paru, bassist Yuna and drummer Charlie will leave the band on May 31st, 2017. They stated that the members don't see the same future for Smileberry anymore.

Vocalist Motoki explained that he and guitarist Ritsu wants to continue with the band even though they don't know yet in which way.

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    Mirkaa 3yr ago

    nooo, I started liking them a few months ago t.t 💜

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