ex-LEZARD's LiME Forms New Band "kizu"

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ex-LEZARD's LiME Forms New Band

Brand new information have been revealed today: a new Visual Kei band named "kizu" (キズ) has formed - and ex-LEZARD's LiME is the vocalist.

The band already started its promotion 2 weeks ago with a flyer that had written a phone number on it. Moreover it said that you can call the number and they will listen to your worries and sorrows during on March 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Today the band revealed official information on the members' identities, their first single and a few concerts. Let's talk about the members first! Vocalist LiME departed from LEZARD in June 2016 and performed with a couple of session bands since then. But there is another member you might know: Reiki who was part of LOUD GRAPE until its disbanding one year ago. This is the full line-up:

Vocal: LiME (来夢)
Guitar: Reiki
Bass: Yue (ユエ)
Drums: Kyonosuke (きょうのすけ)

The band's first live will take place on April 18th at Shinjuku ReNY and its first oneman on August 12th at Ikebukuro EDGE. Also a single has already been announced: "oshimai" (おしまい) will drop on May 17th, 2017.

Are you looking forward to find out what kind of music the band will make?

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    Kuinyan 5yr ago

    I've been following the news about Kizu and when they finally revealed the members, I was so shocked to see Lime   

    I'm so excited ^^ 

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