[Exclusive] Jpopasia Interviews R-Shitei about New Single "-SHAMBARA-" and Plans for 2017

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[Exclusive] Jpopasia Interviews R-Shitei about New Single

It has been quite a while since we've talked to R-Shitei's Mamo about their album "syojosoushitsu" back in 2015. So we thought, it's about time to ask them what they are up to lately! 

Their latest single "-SHAMBARA-" hit the stores in the end of last year and even though the promotion tour for it already ended R-Shitei isn't lazing around. Check out our latest interview with the band: They shared their thoughts on -SHAMBARA- with us and talked about their plans for an exciting 2017. Oh, and if you aren't that familiar with R-Shitei yet then come back with us and the band to the time when they've formed on the island of Kyushu in the west of Japan and hear what they have to tell about the start of their activities!


JPA: In December 2016 you released your new single “-SHAMBARA-”. What kind of CD is it?
Mamo (vocal): In general R-Shitei’s songs are tuned down on C but this time we tried a down-tuning on A. The middle-tempo as well is quite rare for a single. We gave it a fresh feeling.
Z (guitar): It’s a great song that will make your heart tremble.
Kaede (guitar): It was the first time we tried A-tuning. The melody and sound are very aggressive and I think in general we created a new weapon for R-Shitei.
Nanahoshi (bass): Since it's the first time we have such a tuning, it's very exciting!
Hirotaka (drums): It’s the coolest CD.

JPA: Who composed the song and who wrote the lyrics?
Mamo: It was me. The topic is “Utopia”. Utopia is different for every single person, don’t you think so? Like, being in the bath tub, lying on your futon, dying. I made everyone’s individual utopia the topic of this song.

JPA: This month you will hold a “Halloween”-live. How does it come that you decided for a Halloween live in February?
Mamo: Well, usually Halloween is on October 31st, but in the end… if everyone is in festival mood the date doesn’t matter anymore, does it? In the end that day is just an excuse for everyone.

JPA: Are there special cosplays you like to see on your fans? Or that you like to wear yourself?
Mamo: Rather than cosplaying I desire authenticity/reality, so… please understand.
Z: Sailor outfit.
Kaede: I personally always try to cosplay someone that you don’t see so often.
Nanahoshi: I think naked is the best.
Hirotaka: Donald from McDonalds.

JPA: In March you will go on a tour titled “Scream of Japanese Crusher”. You already held a tour with that title 5 years ago to commemorate the release of your album “Nippon Chinbotsu”. Why did you decide for the same title again? What is the connection to the tour back then? [note: The album title “Nippon Chinbotsu” can be translated as “Sinking of Japan” following earthquakes and tsunami catastrophes.]
Mamo: Since we went on that tour 5 years have passed but I think our feelings and thoughts about earthquakes have changed a lot. I saw it with my own eyes and could feel all that. We thought that we wanted to go and compare the meaning and thoughts of the tour back then with the meaning and thoughts we have now. 

JPA: When you announced your new tour for April and May 2017 you also announced that you have “something” planned for August. Don’t you want to give us a hint what it is?
Z: In Japan if you speak of summer, you think of the sea. Asking a person who likes bands and concerts to speak of summer…?
Kaede: Be excited and please wait for it!
Hirotaka: It’s forbidden!
Nanahoshi: Please ask Mamo.
Mamo: It’s not such a big thing? (laughs) [We didn’t say anything yet] because I like this feeling – like an ending that leaves a bad aftertaste by stroking up a feeling of uneasiness with a bad ending. That’s already a habit (laughs)

JPA: Mamo-san, you had a one day revival of your old bands in December. How was it to stand on stage with your former bandmates once again?
Mamo: I thought “We’re all grandpas now.” (laughs) There was also one of us who’s already losing his hair. But that’s also part of life, isn’t it?

JPA: 7 years ago R-Shitei moved from Kyushu, the western part of Japan, to Tokyo. Was it in Fukuoka on Kyushu where you met for the first time? There are people among our readers who don’t know you yet, so please tell us a bit about how you formed the band!
Mamo: The disbandings of our former bands were all around the same time, so Nanahoshi and I were searching for other members. We thought that for now it was important to find cool members on Kyushu.
Z: The members are from Kumamoto and Nagasaki but the first time we met was in Fukuoka. Mamo and Nanahoshi formed this band. I was invited by Nanahoshi to join.
Kaede: When we played in live houses in Fukuoka we were still in different bands. Our disbandings were around the same time and we came together, with Nanahoshi and Mamo as center.
Nanahoshi: It’s embarrassing, so I’ll keep it a secret.
Hirotaka: Our bands had just disbanded, so we started, being thrown together like that.

JPA:  Speaking of Kyushu, since you’ve started your activities the band has grown a lot but if you turn around and think back is there anything that makes you go “Ah, back then on Kyushu that was really good!”?
Mamo: Probably everyone is answering with that but on Kyushu Tonkotsu Ramen are so good. You can’t eat it here. I miss Tonkotsu [special noodle dish].
Z: Speaking of Kyushu, we are a band that formed in a small region, that’s why I think the feeling of unity and solidarity was strong. And the food was great, too.
Kaede: While being inexperienced we practiced a lot with friends. The band and fans were so excited when we heat up Kyushu!
Nanahoshi: The food is so good.
Hirotaka: Ramen were so tasty!

JPA: Before ending this interview, please give a message for your fans abroad!
Mamo: R-Shitei hasn’t given lives abroad yet and we’re active in this small area of the world but I do believe that we also have fans abroad. Even if there is only one single fan abroad, it would be worth to go overseas. We’ll definitely make this come true. Until that day comes, please stay fine! That’s all I ask for.
Z: Glory to the menhera all around the world! [menhera = person afflicted by mental illness which is a main topic in R-Shitei’s bandconcept]
Kaede: If you decide for a Tattoo in Japanese, take care to not only decide by the looks of the characters.
Nanahoshi: We will definitely come to meet you, but please come to Japan first, okay? We’ll destroy you! (The people who carry love.)
Hirotaka: One day I want to try to go abroad!

JPA: Thank you very much for this interview!


If this band caught your interest now, make sure to take a look at its latest PV for "-SHAMBARA-"! For more information on the band, tour dates and releases, keep an eye on its website.

Source: special thanks to the band and management for taking the time for this interview
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