Koda Kumi Announces Double Albums "W FACE ~inside~" & "W FACE ~outside~"

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Koda Kumi Announces Double Albums

Koda Kumi has announced that she will be releasing a pair of albums titled "W FACE~inside~" and "W FACE ~outside~" on March 8.

The double album is meant to express the idea of a having a self you show the world, and the true self that's inside. Kumi hopes to show the two different sides of herself through her new albums.

Each album will have 10 tracks, all of which will be unique to the separate albums. Each album's DVD will come with 6 music videos.

"On my way", a song featured on "W FACE ~inside~", has been picked up as the theme song to the Fuji TV drama "Mahiru no Akuma".

Check out the track list and cover art for Koda Kumi's double album below:

W FACE ~inside~

2. Bring It On
3. Yorokobi no Kakera
4. Stand by you
5. Suki de Shite
6. Kimi Omoi
7. On my way
8. What's Up
9. Promise you
10. My fun

W FACE ~outside~

2. Ultraviolet
3. insane
4. Damn real
5. Heartless
6. Bassline
7. Shhh!
8. Bangerang
9. WickedGirls
10. Cup cake

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  • 0
    Aysohmay 2yr ago

    Look at Koda Kumi trying to be all high concept

  • 0
    ASAGI 2yr ago

    6 music videos total.  each will have 3 MV's 

  • 0
    coraphise 2yr ago

    "6 music videos will be shot for each album."
    That makes 12 videos total by my count...

  • 1
    ASAGI 2yr ago

    The post is wrong. there won't be 12 music videos, that's why i made a correction in the comment.

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