Miliyah Kato To Provide Theme Song For Disney Film "Moana"

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Miliyah Kato To Provide Theme Song For Disney Film

Miliyah Kato will be providing the Japanese version of the Disney movie "Moana" end theme song "How Far I'll Go".

Kato's version of the song is officially titled "Dokomademo ~How Far I'll Go~". It will be released as the singer's 38th single on March 1.

"I've been doing music for about 12 years now, and I've never had a feeling like this. I was really happy because this was something that I really wanted to do. It was like being in a dream," Kato said.

Disney cited Kato's penchant for singing about the modern woman's experience, with messages and themes that resonate with the film's main character, as its reason for selecting the singer for the project.

A CD-only version and a CD DVD version of Kato's upcoming single will be released. The DVD will contain the single's music video.

"Moana" is Disney's latest animated film. It will be released in Japan on March 10.

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    Aysohmay 6yr ago

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    sayania 6yr ago

    I don't want to be the black sheep, but I probably have to. Since Moana's How far I'll go was nominated for an Oscar, it gained even more views and grew in popularity. And I love this song. However japanese version is not that good. There is not a lot of translations that fit original that good and also this song is not really a material for pop version as can be seen (at least in my opinion) in english pop version.

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