Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Denies Rumors Of Relationship With Ex-Boyfriend Fukase

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Denies Rumors Of Relationship With Ex-Boyfriend Fukase

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is once again defending herself against rumors that she is involved in a love triangle situation with SEKAI NO OWARI member Fukase.

On January 8, the TBS morning news program "Sunday Japan" aired a segment about Kyary's snowboarding wear. The outfit was similar to those worn by Tsubasa Masuwaka, also known as Milky, who is Fukase's girlfriend. The program insinuated that the 3 were involved in a love triangle situation.

Kyary took to twitter later that day to express her surprise at the rumors, calling the outfit similarities unrelated. The clothing was simply something she had borrowed from a friend, the singer claimed.

Initially, Kyary tweeted that people should get their stories backed up properly before reporting them. She deleted that and her previous tweet, replacing it by saying, "I will try my best to deliver good news to everyone in 2017! Thank you!"

Rumors of the love triangle come as Masuwaka was found to be deleting images with Fukase from social media. Netizens speculated that Kyary and Fukase has renewed their relationship, causing Masuwaka to delete his pictures.

Kyary and Fukase had previously dated each other for 3 years, but broke up in August of 2015. Despite no longer being together, this the 2nd time the two have been rumored to be in a love triangle. In November 2015, Kyary, Fukase and fellow SEKAI NO OWARI member Saori were rumored to be in a love triangle, though none of them were romantically involved.

Fukase and Masuwaka have been dating since the end of 2015. They went public with their relationship in January of 2016.

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