lynch. Becomes Four-Member Band Following Bassist's Arrest

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lynch. Becomes Four-Member Band Following Bassist's Arrest

lynch. announced today that Akinori has left the band.

Last month we reported on lynch.'s Akinori who got arrested due to "antisocial behavior". It has been revealed that the reason was the possesion of weed.

The band and its label had several conversations. Vocalist Hazuki revealed on twitter that the band had considered cancelling their major contract and going back to being an indie band in order to stay together with the current members. However, he states that if they did that it would be like betraying their staff and all the people who are supporting them. 

Akinori himself expressed his desire to leave the band under these circumstances. As of December 20th, lynch. will be a four member band - six years after the bassist has joined the band.

This case might sound familiar to you. Just earlier this month we reported on Umebo from HER NAME IN BLOOD who was arrested and then fired from the band due to the same reason.

Source: OHP, MH, hazuki's twitter
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    Tsuzuku 2yr ago

    This sucks xP It's sweet how they still thought of him though and didn't dump him just like that.

  • 0
    Well at least they're still playing thank God, but I think 5 members (two guitarists) sound better than one. I completely understand not wanting to replace a friend, but sometimes having a temporary replacement is best.
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