ex-Called≠Plan Members Form New Band "LeaveLink"

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ex-Called≠Plan Members Form New Band

Great news for fans of disbanded Visual Kei band Called≠Plan: Some of the members have returned - and are in one band together again!

Vocalist Yuuto, guitarist Kawamura Haru (f.k.a. Rei) and bassist Syu have re-joined and announced that their new band "LeaveLink" will hold its first live at Planet CHILD Music's 10th anniversary live on January 11th, 2017. 

Currently they are only three members and have no official drummer but this isn't too unusual since their former band Called≠Plan also didn't have a drummer for a long time. Called≠Plan started being active in 2009 and disbanded in June 2013. Yuuto formed a new band, "Unrealistic", but that stopped being active in January 2016. While Syu didn't join a new band at all Haru has two bands now: LeaveLink and Toy'S Army. The latest release of Toy'S Army was in 2014 though and it doesn't seem like the band has any lives planned in the near future.

Are you excited that these three members are back? We will keep you updated on their further releases!

Source: Official Twitter, MH
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    omfg yes yes my fav visual kei band  is almost fully back and yuuto is back where he belongs with his boys bring that one of a kind sound back now all i need is alsdead to rise again

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