Performers For 67th Annual "Kohaku Uta Gassen" Announced

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Performers For 67th Annual

NHK has announced the performers who will be appearing at this year's "Kohaku Uta Gassen".

Of note on this year's line up: Utada Hikaru. The singer will be participating in the year-end program for the first time, marking a break from tradition.

Of note for not appearing: SMAP. Despite the network's continued efforts to bring the group on, the group has not accepted its offer to perform. The network says it will continue to negotiate an appearance by the group.

Check out the list of performers below:

Red Team
AI (2)
Ayaka (8)
E-Girls (4)
Ikimonogakari (4)
Sayuri Ishikawa (39)
Yukino Ichikawa (first)
Utada Hikaru (first)
AKB48 (8)
Shinobu Otake (first)
Keyakizaka46 (first)
Kaori Kozai (19)
Fuyumi Sakamoto (28)
Ringo Sheena (4)
Aya Shimazu (3)
Mariko Takahashi (4)
Kana Nishino (7)
Nogizaka46 (2)
PUFFY (first)
Perfume (9)
Seiko Matsuda (20)
Kaori Mizumori (14)
miwa (4)

White Team
Arashi (8)
Hiroshi Itsuki (46)
Kanjani8 (5)
Kenta Kiritani (first)
Kinki Kids (first)
Hiromi Sato (29)
Sandaime J Soul Brothers (5)
Sexy Zone (4)
TOKIO (23)
AAA (7)
Hikawa (17)
V6 (3)
Kohei Fukuda (3)
Masaharu Fukuyama (9)
Gen Hoshino (2)
Hiroshi Miyama (2)
Yamauchi Megumikai (2)
Yuzu (7)
RADWIMPS (first)
RADIO FISH (first)

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  • 1
    Hakuo 6yr ago

    Nice groups up....i would love to see this year Kohaku Uta Gassen.....is it possible to watch it online live?

    If so, can anyone tell the link or where can I watch it? Thanks

  • 0
    Ookamisan 6yr ago

    Red Team ftw! ^_^

  • 0
    NoPopNoLife 6yr ago

    Go Perfume !!

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