Nogizaka46's Nanami Hashimoto Tearfully Discusses Why She Became An Idol

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Nogizaka46's Nanami Hashimoto Tearfully Discusses Why She Became An Idol

Nogizaka46 member Nanami Hashimoto shed tears while talking about her original reason for becoming an idol.

Hashimoto was guest on the TV Tokyo program "Nogizaka Koujichuu". During the show, she was asked about her decision to leave the entertainment industry, and also opened up about her reason for becoming an idol in the first place.

"From the beginning, the reason I joined was because of money. We were very poor, to the point that the water and gas were shut off. I was the oldest child, and I felt like I had to support my younger brother to be able to go to school. I thought I should do something, and based on what I could do at my age, I became an idol," she explained.

While talking about the hardships of her childhood, Hashimoto began tearing up.

These days, Hashimoto's brother is now in college. Her mother recently wrote a letter telling her that she didn't need to worry about supporting the family anymore. Her brother is independent now, and her mother can care for herself too.

With her mother's support, Hashimoto was able to leave the entertainment industry with a clear conscious.

The program's MC also asked Hashimoto if she planned on getting married after leaving the entertainment industry. She said she did not plan on doing so, but was open to doing so eventually.

Nanami Hashimoto will be graduating from the group and retiring from the entertainment industry on her birthday, February 20, 2017.

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    coraphise 5yr ago

    That is incredibly sweet and self-sacrificing of her. I wish she would stay, but I understand the desire to move on also. Good luck to her! :)

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