Criff to Depart from JASSY due to Family Reasons

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Criff to Depart from JASSY due to Family Reasons

Visual Kei band JASSY announced that member Criff will depart.

The past year was a difficult one for JASSY: Since the departure of drummer NadeLu one year ago JASSY performs with guild's Koichi as support member but hasn't an official drummer since then. In spring of this year another change: bassist Criff decided to stop playing the bass for JASSY but acts as the band's manager since then. The same time SAM joined and took his place as bassist. Still, Criff was always featured in JASSY's photoshoots and also appeared on stage on a regular basis.

Now the member decided to depart from the band due to family reasons. His father was hospitalized due to Hyperthermia and even though he's home again he won't be able to work anymore. After many discussions Criff decided that he will leave the band in order to support his family after the band's live in Osaka on October 27th.

Shared by: Keia
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